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Central of Georgia 390: Repairs, Enhancements & Future Plans

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have commented on the rehabilitation of the Central of Georgia combine 390. Your feedback has been greatly appreciated, and we’re thrilled to provide some additional details in response to your comments and questions.

Acquisition and Initial Transportation

TVRM purchased the car from the Western Maryland Scenic Railway (WMSR). While the later trade that sent three RDC cars to WMSR for two coaches was a separate event, it’s important to note that all of the passenger cars traveled together to Chattanooga.

Repair and Renovation

Upon arrival in Chattanooga, we realized that there would need to be extensive bodywork to repair corrosion around the side sills and along the roofline. Much of this damage occurred due to the rubber window gaskets leaking water into the car body.

The repair work began in 2019 and was largely completed this past summer. The car received new window gaskets, windows, microphor toilets, tanks, floor tile, and upholstery. We are incredibly grateful to several generous donors who provided the funding for the Central of Georgia paint scheme.

Enhancements to the Generator

The generator in the car is a unit made by Stadco, a gold standard for passenger car generators. Before the car was shipped from Cumberland, the generator underwent a factory overhaul. It generates 480 Volts and is capable of powering itself and several other cars.

Notably, Stadco units are extremely quiet, as Justin Strickland observed. Utilizing the Stadco generator will significantly reduce the use of single-car generators that we currently employ. The ensuing silence should undoubtedly enhance the customer experience. Learn more about the Stadco generator.

Future Plans

We plan to conduct bodywork and repaint the 661 and 907 to match the same Central of Georgia scheme in the future. The pace of this work will be dependent on funding (all donations are welcome!) and the availability of shop space and time. We’d like to mention that 906 was painted in other schemes, so we do not intend to paint it to match.

Additional Information

We have knowledge that one of the grill lounge cars survives. The 691, which served as the modernized heavyweight backup car to the 690, is stored in Chattanooga while owned by the Coastal Heritage Society in Savannah. Once funding is located, the car will be moved to the roundhouse in Savannah.