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Smoke & Cinders (2nd Quarter 2019) – Equipment Acquisition


Equipment Acquisition

The spring of 2019 has seen several items added to the TVRM rolling stock collection. Although not all are yet on the property we expect to see them over the next few months.

Southern Dining Car 3307
Acquired from Amtrak through the generous contributions of several TVRM members and Southern Railway fans, the car will be used in Dinner train service at TVRM.

Louisville and Nashville Alco S1 24
Acquired from a private collector this is believed to be the only surviving non re-engined Alco locomotive. It is the first piece of L&N motive power in our collection and will complement other Alco locomotives in our fleet. TVRM has a long history with Alco first generation locomotives as our first “big” power were former Army Alco RSD1’s.

Walking Horse and Eastern
EMD FP7 806- Donated by Iron Horse Resources, the new owners of the Walking Horse and Eastern, the former Milwaukee Road locomotive was used to pull excursion trains from Shelbyville Tennessee in the early part of this century. Amtrak Baggage Cars 1221 and 1235- Purchased for a nominal charge from Amtrak these two cars will be used for storage. Southern Railway GondolasFinding operable and available 1920’s era freight cars in 2019 is difficult at best, yet we have acquired two 40’ low side gondolas. Used as idler cars at the car ferry across the Chesapeake Bay from Little Creek (Norfolk area) to Cape Charles on the eastern shore of Virginia, the cars were orphaned a number of years when the ferry service was discontinued. The shutdown of the railroad put these rare cars in jeopardy of being scrapped so TVRM, again with support of TVRM members and Southern Railway fans, stepped in to preserve two of the cars. They have been trucked to TVRM and added to our vintage freight car collection. If all goes according to plan three other similar cars will be rescued by other railroad museums.

S&C TVRM 2nd QTR 2019