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Spring 2019: A Season of Acquisitions and Preservation at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) made several notable additions to its rolling stock collection in the spring of 2019, including historic locomotives and dining cars. Key acquisitions include the Southern Dining Car 3307, obtained from Amtrak, the Louisville and Nashville Alco S1 24 from a private collector, and the Walking Horse and Eastern EMD FP7 806, donated by Iron Horse Resources. Additionally, Amtrak Baggage Cars 1221 and 1235 and two 1920s era Southern Railway Gondolas were also procured. These additions will complement TVRM’s mission to operate vintage railroad equipment and enhance the visitor experience.

Moreover, TVRM celebrated a successful “Day Out With Thomas” event, in its 19th year, carrying 13,727 passengers over four days. It was the first year that Thomas’ friend Percy led a train independently. The event also saw the arrival of new passenger equipment from the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad, enabling TVRM to carry more passengers.

TVRM continues to honor history, from the careful preservation of rolling stock to the restoration of traditional equipment. The commitment to safeguard and promote railway history extends to their Soule Shops, where workers carry out essential maintenance and restoration work. As TVRM nears its 60th anniversary, it aims to protect more of its equipment under storage or display coverings.

In 2019, TVRM made strides in restoration efforts, particularly on the former Southern Railway coach 832 and the L&N dining car 2728, the Cross Keys Tavern. TVRM’s dedication to preserving and sharing history is further showcased in their summer camps where campers get to experience sleeping in a 1925 Pullman car, among other activities.

Lastly, TVRM made a mark in the history of steam preservation by running daily steam operations, performing regular maintenance on locomotives, and even handling a rare “doubleheader” on the Summerville train. Their efforts highlight the ongoing commitment to preserving rail history for future generations.

S&C TVRM 2nd QTR 2019