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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Locomotive Restoration

Locomotive Restoration is an art form celebrated and embraced at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. With a dedicated team of skilled craftsmen, engineers, and historians, the museum is committed to preserving the legacy of railroading by restoring vintage locomotives to their original glory. Each project is a meticulous journey into the past, involving careful research, fabrication, and reconstruction of parts, all performed with the utmost authenticity and precision. The result is a living museum piece, a tangible link to history that can still thunder down the tracks, taking visitors on a nostalgic ride.

Locomotive Restoration at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum is not only a tribute to the engineering marvels of the past but also a dynamic educational experience for visitors. The museum offers insights into the restoration process, showcasing the techniques, tools, and dedication required to bring these iron giants back to life. Workshops, guided tours, and behind-the-scenes looks at ongoing restoration projects enable visitors to appreciate the complexity and craftsmanship involved. Through these efforts, the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum ensures that the story of American railroading continues to be told, engaging and inspiring future generations.

TVRM Welcomes L&N SD40 Number 1230

TVRM Welcomes Former L&N SD40 Number 1230 in Chattanooga Newly arrived in Chattanooga – former L&N SD40 Number 1230 – Last owned by First Energy at their now closed Stratton, OH plant. This engine will be used by our Tyner Terminal Railway to switch the VW plant. Plans are to eventually restore this engine to…

Breathing New Life into the F7A: Inside the Restoration of TVRM 576

Breathing New Life into the F7A: Inside the Restoration of TVRM 576 Last month, the workshops at Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum buzzed with renewed energy as a brand new project chugged into its care – the recently acquired F7A, christened TVRM 576. This locomotive, a vestige of rail history and engineering prowess, has now embarked…

TVRM’s 1980s Throwback: 45 Years of Locomotives 630 & 610!

A Nostalgic Ride Back to 1980 at TVRM: Celebrating 45 Years of 630 & USA 610! As dawn breaks tomorrow, visitors to the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) will find themselves on a remarkable journey back in time. While every day at TVRM offers a peek into railroad history, tomorrow promises an especially nostalgic trip….

Throwback Thursday: Iconic Locomotive 4501 to Ride Again with Historically Sourced Tender: Discover the Story Behind the Engine

Many visitors are familiar with the museum’s flagship locomotive 4501, and although it continues in operation at TVRM much as it did in the 1930s, the tender behind it was not always behind 4501. This ‘new’ tender was sourced to carry additional coal and water, in the Southern excursion era, after it was discovered on…

F7A Locomotive 576: New Batteries and Bulbs Mark Step Towards Return

Last week, new batteries were installed in F7A locomotive 576, and the engine had all accessible light bulbs replaced. As a result, another major step in the locomotive’s return to service was accomplished. Once returned to service, the 576 will dethrone the 710 as the oldest operating diesel locomotive in our collection, as it was…

Steam Star #630 Joins the Evening Ridge Runner: An Exciting Update from Soule Shops

Big news from the crew at Soule Shops- steam star #630 will roll into service tonight on the Evening Ridge Runner! We are so excited to have this beautiful 119 year old steam engine running and she will be leading the way on the Missionary Ridge Local all weekend. Be sure to ask the station…

Embark on a Vintage Adventure: July’s Classic Train Ride with the Historic 4501 Steam Engine at Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

No better way to round out July than with a classic Chattanooga train ride! The Missionary Ridge Local will feature 112-year old steam star number 4501. This engine has lived a storied life and is living the best life here at TVRM – bringing an authentic train ride to life for each and every visitor….

Steam Queen #630 gets a new Flue

A brand new flue has been installed in Steam Queen #630 as she gets ready for an August return to service. This engine passed the hydro test a few days ago and will undergo her annual FRA check before rolling along the rails at TVRM. Get your tickets now – Missionary Ridge Local Train Ride

Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum transfers ownership of Steam Locomotive 5288 to Colebrookdale Railroad Preservation Trust

Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum transfers ownership of Steam Locomotive 5288 to Colebrookdale Railroad Preservation Trust Chattanooga, TN and Boyertown, PA.: The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (“TVRM”) and the Colebrookdale Railroad Preservation Trust are pleased to announce a partnership that will return to Pennsylvania a historic steam passenger locomotive. Locomotive 5288, a 4-6-2 Pacific-type locomotive built…

Continuing to Support Soule’s Craftsmanship: Infusing 4501 with New Year Service

Revitalizing a Legacy: Behind-the-Scenes at Soule Repair Shops with 4501’s Annual Inspection Nestled in the heart of the Soule Repair Shops, a meticulous and passionate team works tirelessly on the annual inspection of the iconic 4501. The efforts of this team bring together a blend of expertise and passion, ensuring the historic locomotive is both…