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Chattanooga Welcomes Former L&N SD40 Number 1230

TVRM Welcomes Former L&N SD40 Number 1230 in Chattanooga

Newly arrived in Chattanooga – former L&N SD40 Number 1230 – Last owned by First Energy at their now closed Stratton, OH plant. This engine will be used by our Tyner Terminal Railway to switch the VW plant. Plans are to eventually restore this engine to one of its earlier L&N paint schemes.

Photo by Mike Ray

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The preservation of railroading history is a collaborative effort that relies on the passion and dedication of enthusiasts and historians. The restoration of L&N SD40 Number 1230 exemplifies this commitment. By supporting organizations like the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, you can help ensure that these historic treasures are preserved and celebrated for many years to come.

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