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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Railfan Activities

Calling all rail enthusiasts and train buffs! Our Railfan Activities tag at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum is a dedicated hub for those who share a passion for railways and locomotives. From steam engines to historic rail lines, our Railfan Activities section offers an immersive experience into the world of trains.

Whether you’re a seasoned railfan or a newcomer to the hobby, this tag features a variety of events, excursions, and exhibits tailored to your interests. Join us for behind-the-scenes tours, hands-on experiences with classic locomotives, rail photography sessions, and special railfan weekends where you can meet fellow enthusiasts.

Explore detailed itineraries for scenic rail trips, learn about the restoration and preservation of vintage train cars, and discover unique opportunities to ride in the cab with experienced engineers. Our Railfan Activities are designed to provide an authentic and educational experience that celebrates the rich history and artistry of railway transportation.

Stay connected to this tag for regular updates on workshops, lectures, exhibitions, and other railfan-oriented events. Whether you are interested in the mechanics, history, or the romance of rail travel, our Railfan Activities tag offers a multitude of ways to engage with your passion.

Join us at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of railroading. Book your tickets, bring your camera, and prepare for an unforgettable journey into the heart of America’s railway heritage!

Celebrating 62 Years of Preserving Railroad History: A Journey of Resilience and Dedication at Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

Today, August 11, marks 62 years since we were chartered in 1961 to preserve the golden age of the American Railroad! Over the years we’ve seen changes in the “outside world” that make us seem even more dated than we were in 1961, we’ve endured many trying times that threatened to end our existence, we’ve…

Capture the Past: Exclusive Evening Photo Shoot with Vintage Locomotives on Founders Day at TVRM

As part of our September 9 Founders Day activities we are offering a special evening photo shoot with a number of our vintage equipment items. Photoshoot details: Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutesBring your best photography equipment and join us for an exclusive night photo session at our East Chattanooga location! Participants will have the…

Captivating Encounter with Norfolk Southern: Southern Railway E8 No. 6914 in Historic Meet-up

For Wednesday’s Atlanta bound NS inspection train, TVRM placed Southern Railway E8 6914, Central of Georgia combine car 390, TAG 80 and Southern Railway 50 on display at the end of the interchange track at Grand Junction.  In these two shots by Mike Ray you see the passing train and the display equipment and then…

Rebirth of a Railway Icon: The Spectacular Refurbishment of the Grand Trunk Western Dining Car ‘Silver Lake’ at Soule Shops

Soule Shops Completes Major Refurbishment of Grand Trunk Western Dining Car The renowned Soule Shops has successfully completed another significant refurbishment, this time focusing on the Grand Trunk Western dining car, numbered 899 and named the “Silver Lake”. The recent photos showcase the impressive upgrades made to the car, including: A custom 3-compartment sink A…

Riding the Rails of History: TVRM’s Rail Camp Summer Sessions

This year, the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) was honored to host 53 enthusiastic campers during our annual Rail Camp summer program. Spanning five incredible weeks, these young rail enthusiasts had the opportunity to dive deep into the captivating world of railroad operations. Our Rail Camp provided an immersive experience for the campers, enabling them…

Rising Railroad Professionals: Cultivating the Next Generation of Rail Preservationists at TVRM

This summer, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) proudly launched our inaugural “Rising Railroad Professionals” overnight program. This initiative, meticulously designed for young individuals aged 15-17, aims to ignite and nourish a passion for the railroad preservation industry among the youth. Our unique program caters to those with a keen interest in pursuing a career in…

Steam Queen #630 gets a new Flue

A brand new flue has been installed in Steam Queen #630 as she gets ready for an August return to service. This engine passed the hydro test a few days ago and will undergo her annual FRA check before rolling along the rails at TVRM. Get your tickets now – Missionary Ridge Local Train Ride

Smoke & Cinders (2nd Quarter 2019) – Equipment Acquisition

Spring 2019: A Season of Acquisitions and Preservation at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) made several notable additions to its rolling stock collection in the spring of 2019, including historic locomotives and dining cars. Key acquisitions include the Southern Dining Car 3307, obtained from Amtrak, the Louisville and Nashville…