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TVRM Welcomes Historic Louisville & Nashville Caboose 1041 to Its Collection

TVRM is delighted to announce the arrival of our latest donation, the Louisville & Nashville caboose 1041, meticulously crafted by L&N’s South Louisville Shop. This historic treasure, bestowed upon us by the family of Leonard and Sue Powell, has been residing on the family’s property near Wrightsville, Georgia for the past few years.

With anticipation mounting, a custom-built tractor-trailer was deployed to transport the caboose, culminating in a seamless unloading on our East Chattanooga Beltline at 23rd Street. Plans are already in place to bestow the caboose with a fresh coat of paint, revamping its visual appeal while preserving its historical authenticity. Impressively, its interior remains almost entirely intact, featuring a stove for those cold winter months.

These exceptional, home-built cabooses became the successors of the L&N wooden cabooses in 1963. In an intriguing twist of fate, our newly-acquired caboose was renumbered as 123 and transferred to the Georgia Railroad in the 1970s, adopting the new number of 2871. After concluding its service in the mid-1980s, the Powell family procured it for use as an office.

With the caboose now situated at TVRM, we look forward to incorporating this piece of railway history into our collection and sharing it with our visitors. It stands as a testament to the rich, vibrant past of the railways and the community of individuals dedicated to preserving this heritage.