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Louisville & Nashville Caboose 1041

a train is parked on the grass

TVRM’s latest donation arrived at Soule Shops this afternoon. It is former Louisville & Nashville caboose 1041 built by L&N’s South Louisville Shop.

It was donated to TVRM by the family of Leonard and Sue Powell. The vintage cab had spent the last few years on the family’s property near Wrightsville, Georgia. TVRM dispatched a specially built tractor-trailer to pick up the caboose and it was unloaded today on our East Chattanooga Beltline at 23rd Street. It will receive a fresh coat of paint for display and has a nearly complete interior with a stove to heat it in winter.  These home-built cabooses replaced the L&N wooden cabooses starting in 1963. This caboose was later renumbered 123. Sometime in the 1970s the caboose was transferred to the Georgia Railroad and renumbered as their 2871. It finished out it’s career in the mid-1980’s before being acquired by the Powell family for an office.

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