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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Historical Railroads

Step aboard the pages of history with the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum as we explore the legacy of historical railroads. Our latest news and updates shed light on the intricate networks, pioneering routes, and transformative impact of the railroads that once crisscrossed the nation, shaping its destiny.

New Turtle Cinnamon Rolls at Depot Deli, TVRM

New Turtle Cinnamon Rolls at Depot Deli, TVRM Welcome to a delightful new offering from The Depot Deli at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) – Turtle Cinnamon Rolls with a unique whiskey caramel sauce! This gourmet treat is not just a sweet indulgence but also an addition to the museum’s rich tapestry of culinary…

Tennessee Valley Model Railroaders: Open House March 2nd

Tennessee Valley Model Railroaders: Reveals Expansive Layout in 2024 Open Houses The Tennessee Valley Model Railroaders, Inc. (TVMRi) is thrilled to invite the public to a unique open house event, showcasing the art and craft of model railroading. Scheduled for March 2nd, 2024, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., this event at 4119 Cromwell Road,…

All Aboard the Hiwassee Loop: East Tennessee’s Railway Gem

As the weekend approaches, it’s the perfect time to discover one of East Tennessee’s most breathtaking scenic journeys: the Hiwassee Loop and/or Copperhill Special train ride. For both railway enthusiasts and those new to the world of trains, this trip promises unparalleled views, rich history, and a taste of engineering ingenuity. Journeying through the heart…

Honoring Jim McClellan: A Legacy in Railroading

Honoring Jim McClellan: The Architect of Modern Railroading The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) joins the railroading community in mourning the loss of a distinguished figure, Jim McClellan, renowned for his profound impact on North America’s railroad industry. In tribute, Steam Locomotive 4501 proudly displays black flags on its smokebox, symbolizing our respect and remembrance….

Mysteries of the Rails: 4501 in 1914

Mysteries of the Rails: 4501 in 1914 From the depths of our archives comes a captivating photograph of the Southern Railway 4501, taken around 1914. The location, shrouded in mystery, remains unknown. This image not only captures a moment in time but also beckons us to explore the past of this iconic steam locomotive. The…