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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Baldwin Locomotives

The “Baldwin Locomotives” section on the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum News and Update blog offers a rich exploration of one of the most influential names in railroad history. In this space, rail enthusiasts and historians alike can delve into the legacy of Baldwin Locomotive Works, renowned for their pivotal role in advancing locomotive technology. Our articles, written by knowledgeable contributors with a deep understanding of railroad history, shed light on the intricate details, innovations, and historical significance of Baldwin locomotives. This tag is a dedicated resource for those who appreciate the technological marvels and historical impact of these powerful machines, which played a key role in shaping the transportation landscape.

Locomotive 349: A Journey Through Time at TVRM

The Timeless Tale of Locomotive 349: A Glimpse into Railroad History We’re excited to share another gem from our collection at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM): Locomotive 349, captured in its glory on the Bowdon Railroad back in the 1950s. This remarkable engine, built by Baldwin in 1891 and originally numbered 557 for the…