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Tennessee Valley Railroad News


The “Bakers” tag at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum is a tribute to the culinary artisans who add flavor and warmth to our rail journeys. This tag is dedicated to the stories, traditions, and mouth-watering creations of bakers who have been part of the railway’s history, providing comfort and sustenance to travelers over the years. From historical accounts of dining car delicacies to modern-day events featuring homemade treats, explore how the art of baking has enhanced the railroading experience and continues to delight passengers today.

Meet the Team Behind North Pole Limited’s Magic!

Meet the Magic Makers Behind the North Pole Limited! Every enchanted journey has its group of unsung heroes, and the North Pole Limited is no exception! Today, we offer a glimpse behind the curtains, shedding light on the hardworking TVRM team members who breathe life into this festive experience. This snapshot captures the essence of…