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Renaissance Revelry at The Summerville Depot!

To the joyous surprise of many, including myself, Summerville Depot had donned the robes of the Renaissance. Time seemed to warp as we stepped into a world where legends came to life, and music filled the air.

Davock Walkere’s tunes, imbued with Keltic charm, set the tone. The melodies of The Wayfaring Prophets and the wind-whispered music by Peter D Piper elevated spirits, while The Huckleberries made sure no foot remained still.

Stories unfolded on multiple stages, from the riveting “Dragon’s Keeper Lair Show” to the enchanting “Tall Tales with Baba Yaga.” For the little ones, “Princess Sessions With Queen” promised memories that would last a lifetime.

Queen Vashti in her regal splendor, Sir Lancelot and Sir Galahad exuding bravery, and Madam Crystal peeking into the future. The Dragon Tamer’s camaraderie with mythical creatures was a sight to behold. An unexpected gem was the “Medieval Puppet Show & Sing-A-Long” by The Friends of the Library, a testament to the timeless joy of storytelling.

As the shadows lengthened, the “Pub Sing” emerged as the perfect curtain closer. Artists and audience members found a shared voice, celebrating the spirit of unity and festivity.

Aboard the TVRM Scenic Steam Engine Train

From the heart of Chattanooga, Tennessee, the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) holds the promise of a journey back in time. With a whistle and a puff of steam, the locomotive started its voyage through a historic route, presenting a picturesque panorama of the Georgia foothills.

As we crossed Rossville, the landscapes narrated tales of times gone by, with the Chickamauga & Chattanooga Military Park standing testament to our nation’s rich history. The vibrancy of the fall foliage painted the world in hues of gold, amber, and ruby, making every glance out of the window a feast for the eyes.

The rhythmic heartbeat of the steam locomotive provided a soothing backdrop, punctuated occasionally by the clinks of cutlery from the optional onboard dining service. The very essence of the journey was encapsulated when the train eased into Summerville. The town, bathed in warm sunlight and southern hospitality, invited us to explore its treasures.