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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Historical Journeys

Embark on Historical Journeys with the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, where every trip is a passage through time. This post explores the various excursions and thematic rides offered by the museum, each designed to transport visitors along the tracks of history. Delve into the stories of the routes, the evolution of the locomotives, and the experiences of those who traveled by rail, all while enjoying the scenic beauty and engineering marvels of yesteryear. Discover how these journeys not only recount the past but also ignite the imagination and inspire a new appreciation for the heritage of rail travel.

Scenic Train Ride & Renaissance Festival: Summerville Magic

Renaissance Revelry at The Summerville Depot! To the joyous surprise of many, including myself, Summerville Depot had donned the robes of the Renaissance. Time seemed to warp as we stepped into a world where legends came to life, and music filled the air. Davock Walkere’s tunes, imbued with Keltic charm, set the tone. The melodies…

All Aboard for an Autumn Adventure: The Summerville Steam and Chickamauga Turn!

Autumn is a season of transformation. The leaves begin their magical metamorphosis, the air turns crisp, and the landscapes present a medley of vibrant colors. And what better way to witness this seasonal spectacle than aboard a classic steam train journeying through Georgia’s picturesque terrains? We’re thrilled to announce that tickets for the iconic Summerville…

Exciting New Addition: 9:30 AM Saturday Missionary Ride Local at TVRM

More Opportunities to Explore: New Saturday Morning Departure for Missionary Ride Local Great news for train enthusiasts and weekend adventurers! The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) is thrilled to announce an addition to our schedule, catering to the increased demand and enthusiasm we’ve seen from our visitors. Starting May 28, 2011, and running through August…