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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Vintage Travel

Step back in time with the “Vintage Travel” tag at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum News and Update blog. Immerse yourself in tales of old-world railway journeys, discover intricacies of historic travel, and relive the golden era of rail transport as you navigate through our curated posts.

Scenic Train Ride & Renaissance Festival: Summerville Magic

Renaissance Revelry at The Summerville Depot! To the joyous surprise of many, including myself, Summerville Depot had donned the robes of the Renaissance. Time seemed to warp as we stepped into a world where legends came to life, and music filled the air. Davock Walkere’s tunes, imbued with Keltic charm, set the tone. The melodies…

All Aboard the Autumn Dinner Train!

All Aboard the Autumn Dinner Train! The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum is thrilled to announce the addition of special Autumn Dinner Train dates! This fall, embark on a nostalgic journey back to the Golden Age of Railroading and indulge in a delightful three-course meal while the history of Chattanooga unfolds around you. Event Details: Duration: