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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

TVRM Adventures

Explore the thrills of railroading with our TVRM Adventures tag at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum News and Update blog. This tag is dedicated to showcasing the wide array of interactive and historical experiences available at our museum. From hands-on exhibits and educational tours to special event days and unique train experiences, each post under this tag brings to life the diverse adventures that await visitors. Perfect for families, history enthusiasts, and anyone with a love for rail travel, our TVRM Adventures offer a dynamic and engaging way to explore the rich legacy of the railroad industry.

Scenic Train Ride & Renaissance Festival: Summerville Magic

Renaissance Revelry at The Summerville Depot! To the joyous surprise of many, including myself, Summerville Depot had donned the robes of the Renaissance. Time seemed to warp as we stepped into a world where legends came to life, and music filled the air. Davock Walkere’s tunes, imbued with Keltic charm, set the tone. The melodies…