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Southern Railway 832: A Vintage Coach’s Revival in 2023

The world of trains and railways is abuzz with innovations and restorations. While the spotlight often shines on the powerful locomotives, it’s essential to remember the heart and soul of the railway experience: the coaches. One such coach, the Southern Railway 832, is undergoing a significant transformation this year, promising passengers an enhanced journey reminiscent of its golden days.

A Fresh Look for a Classic Coach

The Southern Railway 832 isn’t just any coach; it’s a piece of “Silver Age” history – 85 feet of stainless steel and streamlined fluting. This year, it’s getting the attention it truly deserves: the interiors are being restored with a fresh coat of paint, matched to Southern Railway colors. This restored paint gives it a renewed and vibrant look, whilst maintaining the traditions and heritage of the Southern Railway. With this new paint, also comes a brand-new floor, and sub-floor. Over the years, the window gaskets deteriorated, leading to water seepage inside the walls, which damaged the subfloor. With the installation of new gaskets and sub-flooring, topped with Southern Railway pattern linoleum, this issue is being addressed, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience for all future passengers.

A Glimpse into the Past: The Legacy of Southern Railway 832

Constructed by the renowned Budd Company in 1949, the Southern Railway 832 is no ordinary coach, being designed specifically for the Southern Railway, this 52-seat lightweight coach has seen the world from the best routes. It was used on some of the most prestigious Southern “streamliners”, including The Southerner, The Tennessean, The Royal Palm, and The Crescent. Each journey on these trains was a testament to luxury, comfort, and the golden era of rail travel’s “silver age”, so named for all of the stainless steel, chrome, and aluminum used in railcar design of the era.

Chattanooga Journeys: Reliving the Magic

For those eager to journey back to the era of the “Silver Streamliner” of the 1940s-1970s, a ride aboard Southern Railway 832 will do just that. Upon completion of its restoration, the 832 will operate through-out the year on several Chattanooga-based journeys. Whether it’s the scenic beauty of the Missionary Ridge Local, the historic charm of the Summerville Steam Special, or the festive spirit of the North Pole Limited, passengers can look forward to a memorable ride.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey, as we bring Southern Railway 832 back to its full glory!

Content and photos by Ryan Miller (@backshopboss on Instagram)
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