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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

TVA Locomotive

Explore the fascinating world of the ‘TVA Locomotive at Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum’ through our dedicated blog tag. This series delves into the rich history and technical details of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) locomotives, a vital part of our region’s railroading heritage. Each post offers in-depth insights into the design, operation, and restoration of these iconic machines, along with stories from their heyday. Perfect for rail enthusiasts and history buffs, these posts bring to life the powerful legacy of the TVA locomotives, celebrated and preserved at our museum.

Smoke & Cinders Quarterly 2021: TVA Donation & More!

In this bustling quarter, the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum’ blog has kept its readers on their toes. Here’s a concise recap of what we delved into: TVA Donation: We kicked off with an in-depth look at the generous donation by TVA, shedding light on its historical and contemporary significance for rail enthusiasts and Tennessee’s rail…