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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

model trains

Dive into the fascinating world of model trains at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum! Our blog section dedicated to model trains showcases the intricate artistry and engineering behind these miniature marvels. From detailed replicas of historic locomotives to elaborate track layouts, each post explores the hobby’s rich history, latest trends, and upcoming model train exhibitions. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the world of model railroading, our updates provide insights, tips, and stories that will fuel your passion for these tiny trains and their grand adventures.

Fall Events in Summerville

Fall into Fun: Summerville’s Season of Festivity Stepping off the train around 1 p.m., the crisp autumn air of Summerville greeted us with the promise of seasonal joys. The vibrant foliage painted a welcoming backdrop to a town bustling with the spirit of fall festivities. Having just arrived, we were eager to partake in the…