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Inspire Young Railroaders at Rail Camp

TVRM’s Rail Camp is a unique experience for young railroad enthusiasts, offering hands-on activities and a deep dive into the world of trains. This summer, our campers had the exceptional opportunity to ride and learn about the historic Southern Railway 630.

The Southern Railway 630 is a steam locomotive that dates back to the early 20th century. It represents an era when steam engines were the backbone of the railroad industry. At TVRM’s Rail Camp, campers get to see this piece of history in action, gaining an appreciation for its engineering and historical importance.

During the camp, participants not only ride the Southern Railway 630 but also engage in interactive sessions where they learn about its mechanics and history. The highlight for many campers is the chance to operate the whistle, a unique experience that brings the past to life.

  1. What makes the Southern Railway 630 special?
    • The Southern Railway 630 is a historic steam locomotive known for its distinctive design and role in the development of the railroad industry.
  2. What do campers learn at Rail Camp?
    • Campers learn about the history and operation of trains, including hands-on activities with historic locomotives like the Southern Railway 630.
  3. How can I register for the next Rail Camp?
    • Registration details and schedules for the next Rail Camp session can be found on the TVRM website here.

Our camp instructors are seasoned railroaders who bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to the program. They provide detailed explanations and demonstrations, ensuring that campers leave with a comprehensive understanding of railroading.

The Southern Railway 630 is more than just a steam engine; it’s a link to our past and a tool for educating future generations. TVRM’s Rail Camp offers a unique opportunity for young enthusiasts to experience this historic locomotive up close, fostering a love for railroading and history.

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