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Experience Historical Train Journeys: The Hiwassee Loop & Copperhill Special This Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, step back in time with a journey through the scenic lower Hiwassee River Gorge aboard our exclusive train rides. The Hiwassee Loop and Copperhill Special provide a unique opportunity to explore the region’s rich industrial heritage. With options for Traditional Coach, Observation, and Dome seating, there’s a perfect spot for everyone. Secure your tickets now for an unforgettable adventure!

The Hiwassee Loop

  • Tickets: Book Here
  • Duration: 3.5 hours
  • Round Trip: 50 miles
  • Highlights: Traverse the stunning lower Hiwassee River Gorge and reach the pinnacle of the famous “Hiwassee Loop,” a remarkable feat of railway engineering near Farner, TN.

The Copperhill Special

  • Tickets: Book Here
  • Duration: All day
  • Round Trip: 94 miles
  • Highlights: Discover the lower Hiwassee River Gorge, the Hiwassee Loop, and the historic twin cities of Copperhill, TN, and McCaysville, GA. The 90-minute layover offers a chance to explore local shops and restaurants before the return trip to Etowah. Departure is at 9:30 a.m., with a return around 5:45 p.m.

Route Details

The Copperhill route shares the initial journey with the Loop trips, extending through Turtletown and Ducktown to the historic mining town of Copperhill. This route not only offers breathtaking views but also a deep insight into the area’s industrial history.

More Information about the route:

  1. What makes the Hiwassee Loop an engineering marvel?
    • The Hiwassee Loop is a significant example of early 20th-century railway engineering. It allows trains to ascend steep terrain by spiraling over themselves, a testament to the era’s engineering capabilities. This loop was crucial in enabling transportation through the rugged landscape, linking remote communities.
  2. How did the mining industry shape Copperhill and McCaysville?
    • The mining industry was the lifeblood of Copperhill and McCaysville, driving their growth and development. The extraction and processing of copper required extensive rail infrastructure, which facilitated the towns’ expansion. This industrial activity left a lasting impact on the region’s cultural and economic landscape.
  3. What activities are available during the Copperhill layover?
    • During the 90-minute layover in Copperhill, visitors can explore the town’s local shops and eateries. The area is rich in history, with many buildings reflecting the town’s mining heritage. This break provides a perfect opportunity to relax, enjoy a meal, and delve into the local culture.

Make This Memorial Day Unforgettable

Combine scenic beauty, historical exploration, and adventure this Memorial Day. Book your tickets now and experience a rail trip like no other!

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