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Amid the ongoing work on Electrical and HVAC systems, the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum seized a unique window of opportunity to embark on an exciting project: the transformation of Office Car 21. This historic car has been meticulously painted in the traditional Southern livery, a tribute to the rich heritage of our railway.

Office Car 21, a gem in our collection, now dons a fresh coat of paint that resonates with the elegance and charm of the Southern Railway era. The Southern livery, known for its distinct and classic style, adds a touch of nostalgia and historical authenticity to the car.

This remarkable transformation is not just about preserving history; it’s a celebration of our railway heritage. To mark this occasion, we are thrilled to announce that Office Car 21 will be on display for public viewing. This special showcase is scheduled for Sunday, December 10th, at Grand Junction.

This event presents a unique opportunity for the project’s funders and railway enthusiasts alike to witness the splendid outcome of this restoration effort. It’s a chance to step back in time and appreciate the intricate details and craftsmanship that have gone into reviving this iconic piece of railway history.

For those interested in the ongoing work at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, including our Electrical and HVAC projects, updates and insights will also be available during the showcase.

We invite you to join us at Grand Junction to witness the magnificent transformation of Office Car 21 and immerse yourself in a piece of Southern Railway history.

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