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Norfolk Southern and TVRM: Partnering for Railroad Preservation

Norfolk Southern’s Commitment to Railroad History with $100K Donation

We are honored by the continued support from Norfolk Southern of our mission to preserve railroad heritage so the public can experience the Golden Age of Railroading. Pictured here are Stacy Mansfield, Norfolk Southern Director Community Affairs presenting TVRM President Tim Andrews with a check for $100,000 supporting our efforts. Thank you Norfolk Southern for your generous contribution!


Norfolk Southern

Since 1827, we’ve been moving the goods and materials that power the U.S. economy. Customer-centric and operations-driven, we are dedicated to advancing safety, serving communities, and driving innovation for tomorrow’s rail. Our history spans nearly two centuries. Ever since the early days of American railroading, we’ve been laying the foundation that powers our country’s cities, towns, and infrastructure. Today, we’re building the railroad of the future. We operate one of the most expansive rail networks in the country, guided by our commitment to our customers and the communities we serve.


The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM), founded in 1961 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is dedicated to preserving the history of American railroading. Chattanooga, a pivotal railroad hub since the 1850s, played a significant role in the Civil War and inspired the iconic song “Chattanooga Choo Choo.” With the decline of railroads in the late 1950s, local railroad enthusiasts began collecting and preserving historical railroad equipment, leading to the establishment of TVRM. The museum now operates passenger trains on a historic routes, including the Missionary Ridge Tunnel, to educate visitors about the influential role of railroads in shaping modern society.