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A Trip Down Memory Lane with the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

This week, the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) had the pleasure of hosting the Southern Highlands Attractions (SHA) group. On a crisp Tuesday morning, our esteemed guests were treated to a one-of-a-kind train ride. From Grand Junction to Polk Street, our guests experienced a blend of history, nostalgia, and modern-day railroad wonders.

To signal its distinctiveness, our special TAG 80 donned white flags. White flags on a train indicate it’s an extra train, not part of the regular schedule. This gave our journey a unique flair and hearkened back to an era when rail was king.

Yet, what made this ride truly exceptional were the authentic touches that TVRM added to make it memorable. Kerosene marker lights, a rarity in these modern times, illuminated the back of our train. These lights, which were once a crucial part of train travel, served not only as a nod to yesteryears but also added a warm, golden glow to our twilight journey.

And for an added touch of nostalgia, we revived the “Downtown Arrow” name for this exclusive trip – a name that hasn’t graced our rails since 2009. The re-emergence of this name brought back fond memories for our long-time rail enthusiasts and introduced our newer guests to a piece of TVRM’s rich history.

Spotlight on the Southern Highlands Attractions Group

Our guests for the day, the Southern Highlands Attractions group, comprise various attractions that celebrate the beauty, culture, and history of the Southern Highlands. Just as TVRM honors the railroad heritage, the SHA group showcases the region’s splendors, ensuring visitors have a holistic experience when they visit our part of the country.