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TVRM: Celebrating 62 Years of Preserving Railroad Magic!

It was a day marked by the gentle chug of trains, the informative hum of demonstrations, and the grandeur of a double header – all culminating in the mystique of a night photo shoot. A full day at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) brought together rail enthusiasts and casual visitors, united by a shared appreciation for the history and magic of the railways.

We at TVRM would be remiss not to acknowledge the backbone of this fantastic day – our outstanding team. Their relentless energy, unyielding dedication, and profound knowledge ensured the day’s events ran seamlessly. Each demonstration was a testament to their expertise, and every train journey a nod to their passion for the rails.

A massive thank you to everyone who journeyed with us to celebrate 62 illustrious years of preserving railroad history. The turnout was heartening, and witnessing so many familiar and new faces, young and old, rekindled our purpose. It’s not just about the trains; it’s about the stories they carry, the eras they represent, and the memories they help create.

Our wonderful passengers – you are the wind beneath our wings. Your enthusiasm, your stories, and your continued support inspire us to chug along, maintaining this historical dream for generations to come. Together, we will keep the rich legacy of the railways alive and steaming!

Founder's Day

September 7, 2024 @ 9:30 PM - 3:30 PM EDT

The Founder’s Day event at TVRM celebrates over six decades of dedicated railroad preservation and history. Attendees will experience a unique journey through time, showcasing the legacy and vision of the museum’s pioneers.