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Revitalizing a Legacy: Behind-the-Scenes at Soule Repair Shops with 4501’s Annual Inspection

Nestled in the heart of the Soule Repair Shops, a meticulous and passionate team works tirelessly on the annual inspection of the iconic 4501. The efforts of this team bring together a blend of expertise and passion, ensuring the historic locomotive is both operationally safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Captured through a series of photos, the journey of 4501’s transformation comes alive:

  • Photo 1: A glimpse inside the cab reveals Bo meticulously repainting appliance handles and valves, restoring the vibrancy and ensuring each detail shines with authenticity.
  • Photo 2: The engine’s heartbeat, the stoker screw, stands exposed and cleaned to perfection. Zach dives deep into its inspection, ensuring the screw and its accompanying gearbox function seamlessly.
  • Photo 3: It’s all about the details. Caleb, armed with a spray bottle of WD40, has made sure the running gear doesn’t just function, but gleams and glints, reflecting the legacy it carries.
  • Photo 4: Harking back to an older aesthetic, the cylinder head cover nuts have shed their coat of graphite paint. Thanks to Joseph’s diligent efforts, they now boast their original bare brass shine.
  • Photo 5: The firebox dons a fresh coat of graphite paint, contrasting beautifully with the newly painted valves and piping. This final transformation was a combined effort, showcasing the teamwork of both Bo and Joseph.

The dedication seen at Soule Repair Shops is not just about preserving a train but celebrating a legacy. Each stroke of paint and every polished brass detail carries forward the rich history of the 4501, ensuring it remains a living testament to the golden age of railroads.

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