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Preserving Railway Heritage: TVRM Welcomes Historic Coaches

There’s a certain charm to preserving the old, especially when it involves relics of rail history. The Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel, an icon of historical preservation itself, is embarking on a massive $10,000,000 renovation. In a strategic move to optimize their space, they’ve decided to part with some of their treasures — a fleet of rail cars converted into hotel rooms.

The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVMR) has stepped in to become the new custodian of four of these rail cars, originally from the Southern Railway’s esteemed fleet. These coaches, once offering a night’s rest to travelers, are about to embark on a new journey of preservation.

This week, the complex task of transporting these 159,000 lb behemoths was successfully accomplished. With the aid of two 275-ton cranes and a specialized heavy-haul tractor trailer, we’ve ushered these giants onto TVRM soil. It was a formidable challenge, conquered through meticulous planning and unwavering determination.

While the future plans for these coaches are currently under wraps, excitement is building. We invite you to keep an eye on for future updates on these historic pieces.

Content and photos by Ryan Miller (@backshopboss on Instagram)