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TVRM & Chattanooga Choo-Choo: A Partnership in Rail Heritage Preservation

Tennessee Valley Railroad: Preserving Chattanooga’s Rail History

With an enduring presence spanning over six decades at Chattanooga’s Terminal Station, from its early days with the Southern Railway to its iconic stint with the Chattanooga Choo-Choo, the Tennessee Valley Railroad’s (TVRM) legacy remains deeply intertwined with the city’s rich railroading past. As times change and the urban landscape evolves, the need for blending preservation with modernity becomes even more crucial. This is where the synergy between TVRM, Northpond Partners, and Trestle Design becomes an inspiring tale of mutual respect, cooperation, and shared vision.

Both Northpond Partners and Trestle Design have embarked on a commendable journey, seeking to infuse life and activity back into the historic Choo-Choo property. Their plans encapsulate a unique blend of celebrating the past while ushering in a contemporary vibrancy that the Chattanooga community will cherish.

Working in harmony with these developers, TVRM took decisive steps to reposition the railcars. This wasn’t just about physical relocations but ensuring that the changes amplified the broader development objectives while safeguarding these symbols of rail history. Four of these treasured cars will find a new home at TVRM’s Cromwell Road campus. Simultaneously, two others are set to embark on new journeys, destined for refurbishment and use by external organizations. Although one car couldn’t be saved due to its deteriorating condition, its spirit will live on. Essential parts from this car have been salvaged, ensuring they play a part in future restoration endeavors at TVRM.

The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum is not just a testament to Chattanooga’s railroading history; it’s a beacon for future generations. As the largest not-for-profit operating railroad museum in the U.S., TVRM remains committed to its mission of education and preservation.

For those who’ve heard the distant whistles of trains gone by and felt the nostalgia it brings, or for the younger generation curious about the magic of railroads, TVRM welcomes all to partake in this journey. To delve deeper into our story, events, and how you can be part of this legacy, visit us online at or reach out at 423-894-8028.