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TVRM Acquires EMD F7 Locomotives 576 & 578

The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) is excited to announce the acquisition of two EMD F7 locomotives, numbers 576 and 578, from the United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey. This acquisition not only adds to our rich collection but also ensures the preservation of two valuable pieces of railway history.

A Journey from Mississippi to Chattanooga

The EMD F7 locomotives, with a vibrant past, have been acquired from their storage location in Mississippi and are currently en route to Chattanooga. The shipping process is filled with anticipation as these monumental engines make their way to their new home, marking the beginning of a new chapter at TVRM.

No Specific Timetable, But Preservation is Key

While there is no specific timetable for the eventual return to service of these locomotives, the importance of acting now cannot be overstated. The acquisition reflects TVRM’s commitment to preserving railway heritage and ensuring that future generations can witness and learn from these timeless machines.

A Rich Historical Background

Originally from the Chicago Northwestern Railroad, the locomotives 576 and 578 have a fascinating history. Most recently painted for the Lehigh Valley Railroad, they symbolize an era of railway excellence and innovation. The unique stories behind these engines will certainly add depth to TVRM’s educational programs and exhibits.

The EMD F7 series is known for its significant contributions to the diesel-electric locomotive development, making this acquisition even more noteworthy for the railway community.


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