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Reuniting for the Festive Season: A Memorable Gathering

After a long gap since 2019, Wednesday, December 14, marked a special day for us. The room buzzed with excitement and the warm chatter of familiar voices. As we came together to celebrate the festive season, the joy was palpable, a reminder of the precious moments we missed and are now able to cherish once more.

The delicious spread laid out for lunch was not the only thing that grabbed our attention. A quirky debate sparked up among us: When driving through a traffic circle or roundabout, do you use a turn signal? It was amusing to see the divided opinions and the passion with which each side defended their stance. Such lighthearted moments make gatherings like these truly unforgettable.

Here’s to more such reunions, lively debates, and the spirit of the holiday season. Share your thoughts with us and let us know where you stand on the great ‘turn signal debate’.

From all of us here, we wish you Happy Holidays!