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Hiwassee Holiday Train: Festive Fun Awaits!

All Aboard the Hiwassee Holiday Train: A Festive Journey!

Exciting news for all holiday enthusiasts! The Hiwassee Holiday Train is officially launching its opening weekend, offering a unique and festive experience right from the heart of Delano, Tennessee. This is not just any train ride; it’s a journey filled with holiday cheer, perfect for families and friends looking to indulge in the spirit of December.

As you board the train, you’ll be welcomed with a special keepsake boarding pass and a delightful holiday bell, marking the beginning of a magical adventure. The journey includes a heartwarming activity where passengers can write a letter to Santa, expressing their wishes and holiday hopes. Imagine the joy of sharing your Christmas list while traveling through scenic landscapes!

The experience is further sweetened with fresh-baked cookies, a treat that pairs perfectly with Mrs. Claus’s favorite hot chocolate – a recipe that brings warmth and comfort as you travel. While Santa himself won’t be on the train, guests will still get a chance to see him, adding a touch of Santa’s magic to the journey.

For the health and safety of all passengers, masks are required on the train, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. This is an ideal way to celebrate December, creating new memories and enjoying the festive season in a unique setting.

Don’t miss out on this incredible holiday experience. Book your tickets now at Hiwassee Holiday Train Tickets and get ready to embark on a festive adventure unlike any other!