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Welcome to the final day of our TVRM Crew Review, where we shine the spotlight on the teams responsible for operating our speciality trains: the Dining Car staff and the Hiwassee River Rail team in Etowah. These excursions are more than just journeys; they are immersive experiences that blend history, culture, and unparalleled service.

The Dining Car: A Culinary Journey in Time

Our Dinner Trains are a hit among our guests, and it’s easy to see why. David Duncan, our Dining Car Superintendent, leads a team of talented individuals including Dining Car Stewards and renowned Chefs, Robert and Barbara. Together, they craft a dining experience that is not only about the sumptuous food but also about reliving a bygone era.

Question: What can guests expect from a meal on the Dinner Train?

A meal aboard our Dinner Train is an experience akin to time travel. Prepared and served in historic dining cars, the meals offer a blend of culinary delight and a taste of history. This combination makes it an ideal choice for celebrating special occasions.

The Hiwassee River Rail Experience

In Etowah, Conductor Robert Duncan and his team offer an entirely different yet equally enchanting experience. The journey along the Hiwassee River Gorge is not just about the scenic vistas; it’s a lesson in history. The crew operates the train with precision, provides insightful historical information, manages the commissary car, and ensures a memorable experience in the Dome and Observation Car.

Question: What makes the Hiwassee River Rail unique?

The uniqueness of the Hiwassee River Rail lies in its multifaceted approach to passenger experience. From historical narratives to the occasional banjo show, it’s a harmonious blend of entertainment, education, and scenic beauty.

Why These Experiences Matter

Both the Dining Car and Hiwassee River Rail teams are dedicated to ensuring that our passengers have an unforgettable experience. This commitment is why many guests make these trips an annual tradition, cherishing the memories they create here.

Question: How do these trains preserve history?

These speciality trains are not just modes of transportation; they are living museums. They preserve the heritage of rail travel, offering a window into the past. By participating in these excursions, guests contribute to the preservation of this important aspect of our history.

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