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Missionary Ridge Local: Meet Your Train Crew

Introducing the Heartbeat of TVRM: Our Train Crew

The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) is not just about trains; it’s about the people who breathe life into our daily operations. This week, we’re excited to launch TVRM Crew Review, a series dedicated to introducing the teams that make our museum a living railroad experience. Today, we spotlight the train crew of our Missionary Ridge Local excursions.

Who ensures a safe and timely journey on our trains?

Meet Travis, Jack, and Izabela — our conductor, engineer, and tour guide respectively. Travis, as the conductor, is the captain of the ship, so to speak. He ensures passenger safety, coordinates the train’s movement, and keeps everything running on schedule. Jack, the engineer, is at the helm of the locomotive, carefully driving and monitoring the powerful machine that pulls us all forward.

What does a day in the life of a TVRM train crew look like?

A typical day for our crew begins long before the first passenger steps aboard. It involves meticulous safety checks, route planning, and a detailed briefing to ensure every trip is as safe as it is enjoyable. Throughout the day, the crew works in unison, with each member playing a crucial role in the operation. They are our unsung heroes, ensuring each journey is a smooth ride through time.

How does the crew enhance the historical experience of the ride?

Izabela, our knowledgeable tour guide, provides the narrative that enriches our understanding of the railway’s role in American history. She leads the tour at the historic turntable and repair shop, where guests can witness the preservation of railroading craft firsthand. It’s this blend of education and experience that makes a trip on the Missionary Ridge Local not just a ride, but a journey through history.

Next time you join us on the Missionary Ridge Local, take a moment to greet Travis, Jack, Izabela, and the rest of the crew. Their dedication to the TVRM mission makes every excursion a memorable adventure.

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