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Missionary Ridge Battle Revisited

Echoes of Missionary Ridge: A Historic Journey

Step back in time with the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) as they commemorate the 151st anniversary of the Battle of Chattanooga with a special tour led by National Park Service historian Jim Ogden. This event provides a unique opportunity to blend history with the charm of rail travel, transporting you to the very sites where the battles unfolded.

Led by the esteemed historian Jim Ogden, guests will embark on a journey that is both educational and evocative. With his extensive knowledge, Ogden will provide a detailed narrative of the significant Civil War events that occurred at the historic East Tennessee & Georgia Railroad tunnel and its surroundings.

TVRM, a custodian of Chattanooga’s rail history, partners with the National Military Park to offer an authentic experience. This partnership ensures that the tours are not only informative but also respected for their historical accuracy.

The program requires no additional charge beyond the standard Missionary Ridge Local ticket, reinforcing TVRM’s commitment to making history accessible. Transparency in pricing and the wealth of knowledge shared are at the core of this trustworthy event.

This event is a testament to TVRM’s dedication to historical preservation and education. It’s a tangible experience, a walking tour that not only tells but shows, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the history of Missionary Ridge.

You may ask, “What should I expect during the walking tour?” Prepare for an interactive experience as you walk the ground of the Battle of Missionary Ridge. This outdoor event will take you through the tunnel and the surrounding battlefield, giving you a firsthand look at this historical landmark.


  • For more details on the event and ticketing information, visit Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum.
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