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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Unique Dining Experience

Discover a culinary journey unlike any other with the Unique Dining Experience at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. Here, we delve into gastronomic adventures that merge the nostalgic ambiance of our historic trains with modern gourmet excellence. Each post captures moments of enchantment, from themed events to specially curated menus, set against the picturesque backdrop of Tennessee’s landscapes.

All Aboard the Autumn Dinner Train!

All Aboard the Autumn Dinner Train! The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum is thrilled to announce the addition of special Autumn Dinner Train dates! This fall, embark on a nostalgic journey back to the Golden Age of Railroading and indulge in a delightful three-course meal while the history of Chattanooga unfolds around you. Event Details: Duration:

Rebirth of a Railway Icon: The Spectacular Refurbishment of the Grand Trunk Western Dining Car ‘Silver Lake’ at Soule Shops

Soule Shops Completes Major Refurbishment of Grand Trunk Western Dining Car The renowned Soule Shops has successfully completed another significant refurbishment, this time focusing on the Grand Trunk Western dining car, numbered 899 and named the “Silver Lake”. The recent photos showcase the impressive upgrades made to the car, including: A custom 3-compartment sink A…

Tea Time Memories at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum: A Five-Star Experience

Hello Kim, Bev, Joan, Dianne, and Karla! We were thrilled to host your recent visit to our Homefront Tea Room at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. Thank you so much for spending your afternoon with us, indulging in our exquisite tea selection, and savoring the delicacies we’ve specially crafted for our guests. Your five-star review…