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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

SW8 #2000

Explore the journey and significance of the SW8 2000 locomotive at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum through our ‘SW8 2000’ blog tag. These posts delve into the history, restoration, and operational aspects of this iconic locomotive, offering a unique glimpse into its role at TVRM. Discover the technical details, the stories behind its preservation, and how SW8 2000 continues to captivate rail enthusiasts and visitors, contributing significantly to the living history of railroading.

SW8 #2000’s Stunning New Look Unveiled!

Revitalizing History: Former Army SW8 #2000’s New Paint Job There’s a fresh coat of history on the tracks! The former Army SW8 #2000 locomotive has undergone a remarkable transformation, receiving a stunning new paint job as it prepares to serve at the facility of our latest customer. This locomotive, seasoned by years of diligent service…