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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Rainy Day Activity

The “Rainy Day Activity” section of the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum News and Update blog serves as a beacon for those seeking a blend of education and entertainment, regardless of the weather. Here, we present a range of innovative and engaging activities and developments, each intricately linked to the rich historical fabric of the museum and the broader narrative of railroad heritage. This tag offers a window into how the TVRM creatively adapts to changing conditions, providing a unique platform for railway enthusiasts and the general public to explore the fascinating world of trains and tracks. From indoor exhibits to interactive learning sessions, each post is crafted to deepen understanding and appreciation of the vital role railroads have played in shaping history and culture. Join us in exploring these rain-or-shine adventures that both preserve the past and inspire future generations of railway admirers.

Ride History on the Missionary Ridge Local!

The Missionary Ridge Local: A Journey Through Time After the track work, we are thrilled to announce that the Missionary Ridge Local is once again ready to welcome passengers onto its historic rails. This weekend marks a special occasion as we feature the vintage diesel 1829, a locomotive with a storied past and a robust…