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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Nashville Steam Group

Dive into the collaborative world of the Nashville Steam Group and the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum in our News and Update blog. This section highlights the synergistic relationship between these two passionate entities in their joint endeavors to preserve steam locomotive heritage. Our posts explore the exciting projects and initiatives born from this partnership, ranging from restoration endeavors to educational outreach. Each article illustrates how the combined efforts of the Nashville Steam Group and TVRM are pivotal in keeping the history and magic of steam railroading alive, fostering a shared legacy that resonates with rail enthusiasts and the broader community alike.

Tennessee Valley Gifts Historic NC&STL Tender to Nashville Steam

Bestowing a Legacy: Gifting the NC&STL Tender from Our Collection Railroading history is a tapestry of connections, bridging eras, communities, and the many marvels of engineering. At the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, we’ve always believed in celebrating and preserving this rich heritage. Today, we’re taking another step in that direction. It’s with immense pride and…