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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

John Emery Rail Heritage Trust

Dive into the legacy of the “John Emery Rail Heritage Trust” with our dedicated tag at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. This section pays homage to the trust’s invaluable contributions to preserving and promoting rail heritage. Through generous grants and unwavering support, the trust plays a pivotal role in ensuring the rich history of railways remains accessible and celebrated for generations to come.

Revitalizing Rail History: TVRM’s Transformation of Dining Car #899 Bolstered by John Emery Rail Heritage Trust Grant

TVRM Gratefully Acknowledges John Emery Rail Heritage Trust Grant We are deeply appreciative to have been awarded a grant of $20,000 from the John Emery Rail Heritage Trust. Notably, half of this grant, amounting to $10,000, was received in mid-2022. This generous funding is instrumental in facilitating numerous enhancements to the dining car #899, known…