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Tennessee Valley Railroad News


Dive deep into the annals of railroading with the “History” tag at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum News and Update blog. Explore the rich tapestry of stories, events, and milestones that shaped the world of American railways and the significant role the Tennessee region played in this captivating journey.

Delight in Friday Afternoon Tea at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum: Book Now!

Hello, tea enthusiasts and rail history buffs! We’re beyond excited to announce the addition of a special event in our calendar that combines these two passions – our brand-new Friday Tea at 11:00 am at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum! Experience an exceptional afternoon of elegance and tradition in our Homefront Tea Room, savoring delicious…

National Museum Selfie Day: Join the Fun!

Celebrate National Museum Selfie Day with History and Creativity! Mark your calendars for January 18, as we join the global celebration of National Museum Selfie Day! It’s a day dedicated to museum enthusiasts and selfie aficionados alike. This year, we’re especially excited to showcase our resident historians, Charles and Jacob, who are hard at work…