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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Heritage Tours

Embark on a captivating expedition with the Heritage Tours at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. This post takes readers on a detailed journey through the museum’s guided tours, offering an immersive exploration of the rich tapestry of railroading history. Discover the stories behind the historic locomotives, the evolution of train travel, and the landmarks along the tracks. Learn how each tour provides a unique perspective, connecting the dots between the past and present, and fostering a deeper appreciation for the enduring legacy of the rails.

Dive into the Past: Experience Centuries of Steam Power This Season.

Georgia Trips Usher in a New Season at Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum Today marks an exciting turn for Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum and train enthusiasts alike. As the tracks buzzed with anticipation, a breathtaking sight unfolded before us – two powerful steam locomotives, their combined age tallying up to over two centuries, commenced their majestic…