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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Dining Car #899

Step into the luxurious realm of Dining Car #899 at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. This section is dedicated to the tales, updates, and gastronomic experiences aboard this iconic car. Let the allure of Dining Car #899 transport you back to the golden age of rail travel, where elegance and fine dining went hand in hand.

Rebirth of a Railway Icon: The Spectacular Refurbishment of the Grand Trunk Western Dining Car ‘Silver Lake’ at Soule Shops

Soule Shops Completes Major Refurbishment of Grand Trunk Western Dining Car The renowned Soule Shops has successfully completed another significant refurbishment, this time focusing on the Grand Trunk Western dining car, numbered 899 and named the “Silver Lake”. The recent photos showcase the impressive upgrades made to the car, including: A custom 3-compartment sink A…

Revitalizing Rail History: TVRM’s Transformation of Dining Car #899 Bolstered by John Emery Rail Heritage Trust Grant

TVRM Gratefully Acknowledges John Emery Rail Heritage Trust Grant We are deeply appreciative to have been awarded a grant of $20,000 from the John Emery Rail Heritage Trust. Notably, half of this grant, amounting to $10,000, was received in mid-2022. This generous funding is instrumental in facilitating numerous enhancements to the dining car #899, known…

From 1954 to Now: The Revival of Grand Trunk’s Dining Car 899

Revitalizing Railway History: The Restoration of Dining Car 899, “Silver Lake” Nestled within the heart of our advanced restoration and repair facility in East Chattanooga lies a magnificent emblem of history – Dining Car 899, fondly known as the “Silver Lake.” Constructed in 1954 by the renowned Pullman-Standard, this dining car was initially a proud…