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Tennessee Valley Railroad News


The ‘Conrail’ section of the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum News and Update blog offers readers a deep dive into the legacy of the Consolidated Rail Corporation (Conrail), a key player in American railroad history. This dedicated space brings to life the stories, machinery, and pivotal moments of Conrail, intertwining them with TVRM’s initiatives in preserving and presenting this rich heritage. Readers are treated to detailed explorations of Conrail locomotives and rolling stock in the museum’s collection, updates on restoration projects, and special event coverage that encapsulates the essence of Conrail’s impact on railroading. Each post is meticulously crafted, combining historical accuracy with engaging narratives, to offer a comprehensive and captivating view of Conrail’s contributions to the railroad industry. This blog section is a treasure trove for enthusiasts eager to connect with the legacy of Conrail and a valuable resource for anyone interested in the evolution of rail transportation in the United States.

Dedication to Jim McClellan at TVRM

A Tribute to Jim McClellan: TVRM’s Training and Education Center Dedication The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) stands as a testament to the rich history of railroads and the indomitable spirit of the people behind them. On Saturday, December 9, 2017, the museum added another chapter to this history by dedicating its Training and Education…