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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Community Events

Step into the heart of community spirit with our coverage of community events at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. This post celebrates the array of gatherings, from festive holiday rides to educational workshops, that bring together families, train aficionados, and history buffs. Each event is a testament to the museum’s commitment to engaging the public, preserving rail heritage, and creating unforgettable memories on the tracks that bind us.

The Sequoyah Quilt Show at Summerville Depot: A Day of Art and Trains

Sequoyah Quilt Show & Train Day at Summerville Depot The Sequoyah Quilt Show continues its vibrant display at the Summerville Depot today, offering a unique blend of local artistry and railroading heritage. Open until 4 PM, this event promises to be a delightful experience for quilt enthusiasts, train lovers, and families looking for a day…

Fall Events in Summerville

Fall into Fun: Summerville’s Season of Festivity Stepping off the train around 1 p.m., the crisp autumn air of Summerville greeted us with the promise of seasonal joys. The vibrant foliage painted a welcoming backdrop to a town bustling with the spirit of fall festivities. Having just arrived, we were eager to partake in the…

TVRM’s Night at the Ballpark: Conductor Throws First Pitch

TVRM’s Night at the Ballpark: Conductor Throws First Pitch Tonight marks a special occasion for both baseball fans and railroad enthusiasts as the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) joins the Chattanooga Lookouts for an evening of sport and community spirit. TVRM’s very own Conductor Dave Johnston will be throwing the first pitch of the night,…