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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Children's Entertainment

Discover the joy of children’s entertainment on the Tennessee Valley Railroad, where young imaginations come to life. Our blog features posts on the variety of kid-friendly activities and events offered aboard our trains and at the museum. From storytelling sessions and interactive games to special themed rides and educational workshops, each post explores the fun and learning opportunities available for our youngest passengers. Ideal for family outings, our content highlights how the Tennessee Valley Railroad creates memorable experiences for children, combining entertainment with the wonder of rail travel.

Bubble Tour Adventure with Thomas the Tank Engine!

Bubble Tour Adventure with Thomas the Tank Engine! Get ready for an exhilarating ride with everyone’s favorite locomotive! Thomas the Tank Engine invites you to ‘Pop’ onboard for a delightful journey with the “Day Out With Thomas: Bubble Tour.” This unique event is rolling into heritage railways nationwide, offering a whirlwind of fun and bubbles….

All Aboard the Eerie Express: A Vintage Train Ride and Halloween Fun for the Family!

Fall is in the air, and the time has come for families to come together and experience something exciting and unique. The Eerie Express offers just that—a vintage train ride that whisks you through four bridges and the historical Missionary Ridge Tunnel, culminating in a festive Halloween experience that is enjoyable for both young and…