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Canadian National Railway 5288

About Canadian National Railway 5288

The 5288 was built in March of 1918 by the Montreal Locomotive Works for the Canadian Government Railway as number 516, and later as number 1516. The locomotive is classified as a J-7-b, having an open cab, unlike the J-7 class that had enclosed all-weather cabs.

The Canadian Government Railway sent the locomotive for use on the Grand Trunk Railway, where it was relettered and numbered Grand Trunk 1516. The locomotive was taken over by the Canadian National Railway in September 1919, being renumbered to Canadian National 5288.

The locomotive principally handled passenger trains in eastern Canada. The 5288 also operated in the United States when it also pulled international trains into White River Junction, Vermont. By 1956, the locomotive was assigned to pull commuter trains in the Montreal area.

When retired in 1960, the locomotive was stored servicable in the Canadian National Railway’s Turcot roundhouse. F. Nelson Blount, the founder of Steamtown, USA, acquired the 5288 in September 1961. He had it moved to Steamtown, USA in Bellows Falls, Vermont.

It remained with the Steamtown, USA collection even into its transition as a National Park after moving to Scranton, Pennsylvania. In 2001, after being deemed as surplus, the locomotive was donated to TVRM, where it resides on display today. The locomotive was essential in the restoration of the Southern Railway 4501, when its mechanical stoker was removed in 2012 to be reconditioned for use in the 4501.


Locomotive: Canadian National Railway 5288

Locomotive Type: Steam

Operators:Canadian Government Railway, Grand Trunk RailwayCanadian National Railway

Class: J-7-b

Builder: Montreal Locomotive Works

Builders Number: 60483

Date Built: 1918

Date Retired: 1960 (Revenue Service)

Date Rebuilt: None

Wheel Arrangement: 4-6-2 Pacific

Driver Diameter: 69 in

Locomotive Weight: 268,000 lb

Fuel: Coal

Boiler Pressure: 200 psi

Cylinder Size: 24 in x 28 in

Tractive Effort: 39,735 lbf

Valve Gear: Walschaerts

Paint Scheme: Black

Status: Display