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Steam Star #630: Cover Model and Community Icon

Steam Star #630: Chosen as a Cover Model

We are thrilled to announce that Steam Star #630, a 120-year-old locomotive, has been selected as a cover model once again. This honor is a tribute to its enduring appeal and importance as a shining example of this regions rich railroad history. We extend our gratitude to Mountain Shadows and all the dads who took part in this photoshoot, showcasing the strong community spirit that surrounds the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM).

The Historical Journey of Steam Star #630

Steam Star #630, built in 1904 by the American Locomotive Company, has a rich history that mirrors the development of American railroads. This locomotive served several railroads, most notably the Southern Railway, playing a vital role in freight and passenger transportation. Its design and durability made it an essential part of the rail network, contributing to the economic prosperity of the regions it served.


  1. What makes Steam Star #630 a significant artifact?
    • Steam Star #630 is a significant artifact because it represents the technological and industrial advancements of the early 20th century. Its construction, in 1904, by the American Locomotive Company marked a period of rapid growth and innovation in rail transport. The locomotive’s preservation by the TVRM allows us to appreciate and learn from this pivotal era in American history.
  2. How does being a cover model impact the preservation efforts?
    • Being chosen as a cover model brings heightened visibility and recognition to the preservation efforts of the TVRM. It underscores the locomotive’s value as a cultural and historical asset, attracting more visitors and support for ongoing restoration projects. This recognition helps ensure that important pieces of railroading history, like Steam Star #630, are preserved for future generations.
  3. How does the TVRM engage with the community through events like the photoshoot?
    • The TVRM engages with the community by hosting events that celebrate the historical and cultural significance of railroading. The recent photoshoot with Mountain Shadows and local dads is an example of how the museum creates meaningful connections with the community. These events foster a sense of pride and ownership among participants, enhancing the museum’s role as a community hub.

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