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Explore the Hiwassee River Railroad

As the season shifts into the warmth of late spring and early summer, the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum proudly announces the return of its beloved train rides: the Copperhill Special and the Hiwassee Loop. These excursions not only provide a journey through stunning landscapes but also a ride through the rich railroad history of Tennessee.

Copperhill Special: A Journey Through Time

The Copperhill Special, resuming on June 1st, offers an eight-hour round-trip adventure along the picturesque Hiwassee River Gorge. This trip is perfect for history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, as it traverses scenic valleys and historic bridges. The restored trains and the route itself tell a story of a bygone era, linking passengers directly to the heritage of the region.

Hiwassee Loop: Engineering Marvel

Starting May 31st, the Hiwassee Loop ride, a shorter five-hour round trip, takes passengers over the famous loop near Farner, Tennessee. This engineering feat is one of only six such loops in North America and the only one east of the Mississippi River. The loop was an innovative solution in the late 19th century to gain elevation efficiently in the steep terrain of the Appalachians.

Addressing Common Questions

1. What makes these train rides historically significant? The Hiwassee River Scenic Railroad was part of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad’s Atlanta Division. Initially built in 1890 with a series of switchbacks, the inefficient route was later transformed by the creation of the Hiwassee Loop in 1898, showcasing early railroad ingenuity.

2. Are the train rides suitable for all ages? Yes, both the Copperhill Special and Hiwassee Loop are designed to be family-friendly, providing not just a travel experience but an educational journey into the history of railroading in America.

3. How can I purchase tickets? Tickets for both rides are available on the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum website. Pricing varies with several options, including standard, dome, and observation car seating. Visit Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum Tickets for more details and to book your journey.

Historical Impact and Community Contribution

By participating in these train rides, guests contribute directly to the preservation efforts of the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping railroad history alive. Each ticket sale supports the restoration and maintenance of historic trains and facilities.