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A Culinary Experience: Dinner in the Depot Event

As the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) gears up for our much-anticipated “Dinner in the Depot,” we’re proud to blend a culinary experience with the charm of railroading heritage. Our guests will not only indulge in the opulence of the bygone era of rail travel but also savor a menu that echoes the same legacy.

What Will the Dinner Menu Entail?

The Valentine’s Dinner in the Depot is poised to be an exquisite dining affair, beginning with delicious house rolls accompanied by homemade herb butter. The first course offers a tantalizing goat cheese crostini topped with the sweet burst of roasted grape tomatoes. Progressing to the second course, guests will indulge in a luxurious lobster bisque enriched with a touch of sherry cream. The third course presents a vibrant house salad, mingling the textures of candied pecans and feta cheese with the sweetness of strawberries, all brought together with a strawberry vinaigrette. The main entrée, the fourth course, allows guests to choose from a succulent garlic herb filet served with mushroom demi-glace and roasted garlic mashed potatoes, a delicately pan-seared flounder with a zesty lemon caper butter sauce alongside wild rice pilaf, or a crispy panko herb crusted chicken drizzled with garlic parmesan sauce accompanied by roasted garlic mash. A selection of creamed spinach or a vegetable medley is available to complete the plate. Culminating the feast, the fifth course offers a sweet finale with either a strawberry crème brûlée or a sumptuous crème brûlée cheesecake, promising a memorable end to a meal designed for the romantic at heart.

Romance continues on the rails with a ride on the Missionary Ridge Local after dinner.

Dinner guests will recieve a small treat to enjoy while relaxing on an enchanting evening train ride.

How Does This Menu Reflect the Historical Significance of the Event?

Each dish has been selected to reflect the bygone era, reminiscent of the grandeur dining experiences aboard luxury trains of the past. TVRM takes pride in offering not just a meal, but an immersion into the culinary history that was an integral part of railroad dining.

Are There Options for Guests with Dietary Restrictions?

Absolutely. We believe that history is best enjoyed when it’s inclusive. Our menu includes options that cater to various dietary preferences and restrictions. We recommend that guests reach out to us in advance with any specific dietary needs so that we can ensure their experience is both delicious and comfortable. Email us at

We eagerly await to host our guests at this event that does more than just tantalize the taste buds—it serves as a bridge to the past, allowing us all to dine amidst the echoes of history. The first Dinner in the Depot is more than a meal; it’s a little bit of history narrative served on a silver platter.

For those intrigued by the history of railroads and their culinary traditions, further reading can be found at the Railroad Historical Society and the National Museum of American History.

We can’t wait to welcome you aboard for this unforgettable journey through taste and time at the TVRM. Bon appétit and all aboard!