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Discover the Enchantment of Trains: Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum’s New Exhibit

Embark on a captivating journey into the heart of railroad history at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum’s special exhibit, opening this week! Nestled in the Chattanooga area, the museum transforms into a hub of historical wonders, showcasing a magnificent collection of railroad artifacts.

Marvel at the evolution of locomotives, learning how they shaped the Tennessee Valley and beyond. From the earliest steam engines to the modern diesel giants, every piece tells a story of innovation and progress.

As you wander through the exhibition, you’ll be surrounded by glistening lights, bringing a magical touch to the rich rail heritage. It’s an opportunity not only to learn but to feel a part of history.

But that’s not all – get ready for a festive adventure with our “Visit the North Pole!” experience. As the museum’s most popular annual event since 1999, the North Pole Limited train rides have become a cherished family tradition. During the holiday season, these special trains embark on an enchanting journey to the imaginary North Pole. Enjoy the festive atmosphere with refreshments, storytelling, and dazzling lighted displays along the way. Upon arriving at the North Pole, anticipate a memorable visit from Santa Claus himself, who boards the train to greet each passenger.

Practical Information:

  • Location: Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, 4119 Cromwell Road, Chattanooga, TN 37421
  • Ticket Prices: Starting at $29 (applicable for ages one year and above)
  • Booking for Special Exhibit: Reserve your tickets quickly at – spots are filling fast!
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Embark on a journey aboard our historic short-line locomotive! Our most regularly scheduled voyages, fondly known as “The Local,” initiate from our distinguished Grand Junction Station, heading towards East Chattanooga. Here, you’ll enjoy a stopover featuring an intriguing demonstration of a classic turntable, followed by a tour of our workshop.