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Return to Chickamauga Service: A Historic Journey Awaits With the unmistakable blast of the horn, we’re thrilled to announce our return to the Chickamauga service! Today was a splendid day for a ride, with nature showcasing its beauty at every turn. If you missed out, don’t fret. We invite you to join us tomorrow for another mesmerizing trip into the annals of history.

Ride to the Historic Civil War Town of Chickamauga All aboard the Chickamauga Turn for a 6-hour ride to the historic Civil War town of Chickamauga, Georgia, via the former Central of Georgia Railroad. During the trip, enjoy a 90-minute layover in downtown Chickamauga, where you can visit the historic Crawfish Springs or the Gordon-Lee Mansion. There are also several shops and dining locations in town.

Dining Options:

  • Dining car lunch: Baked turkey and Swiss cheese croissant with all the fixings, cole slaw, potato chips, and fruit cocktail. Beverages include iced tea or lemonade. The tasty dessert selection is usually chocolate fudge cake.
  • Boxed lunch: Turkey sandwich with chips, cookie, and a bottle of water.

Gordon Lee Mansion Tour
217 Cove Rd

Construction on the Gordon-Lee Mansion began in 1840 by Mr. James Gordon and was completed in 1847. The home and grounds are historically significant for several reasons. Both Union and Confederate troops were treated in the field hospital in the house and on the grounds during that battle.

Shopping and Dining:

  • Outdoor Market by the train: Offering homemade gifts, collectibles, specialty food items, and more.
  • Memories and More Quilt Shop: 121 Gordon St, 706-375-5300
  • Liberty Bistro and Tavern: Grand Opening Mid-Late September
  • Shopes of 1910 Collectables and Antiques: 201 Gordon St, 706-375-1000
  • Studio AKO: Art and Toys: 102 Lee Avenue, 706-375-2022
  • 111 Gordon Souvenir and Gifts: 111 Gordon St, 706-375-9849
  • Los Potros Mexican Restaurant: 201 Lee Avenue, 706-375-4111
  • Phil’s Primetime Pizza: 122 Gordon St, 706-375-4448
  • Wisteria Ave Boutique and Plants: 108 Lee Avenue, 423-322-0998
  • Stories and Songs, Books, Vinyl and Coffee: 104 Lee Avenue, 512-466-2405
  • Domino’s Pizza: 110 Cove Rd, 706-375-3000

For those eager to embark on this adventure, tickets start at just $48. Secure your spot and be a part of this unforgettable experience by booking here.