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In Memory: Joyce Soule's Lifelong Commitment to TVRM

Remembering Joyce H. Soule: A Pillar of TVRM

The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) is deeply saddened to announce the passing of our cherished life member and tireless volunteer, Joyce H. Soule, on January 25, 2019. Surrounded by her loving family, Joyce, a stalwart of Chattanooga for 60 years, left behind an incredible legacy.

The void left by her husband, Robert M. Soule Jr., in 2006 after 44 memorable years of companionship, only testifies to the significant roles they played in each other’s lives. While she wore many hats, from a dedicated homemaker to a skilled purchasing agent for the Tennessee Valley Authority, it’s her contributions to TVRM that resonate most deeply with us.

For decades, Joyce was at the heart of the TVRM community. From the 1960s onwards, she fervently volunteered in various roles, most notably as the director of our museum’s gift shops and deli. Under her visionary leadership in the 1990s, she steered TVRM through financial challenges, restoring us to solvency in what remains one of our most pivotal moments.

In Joyce, TVRM didn’t just lose a member; we lost a cornerstone.