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Tennessee's Hiwassee Loop & Copperhill Train Adventures!

Discover Tennessee’s Natural Wonders: Hiwassee Loop & Copperhill Special Train Rides

Autumn in Tennessee is nothing short of magical. As the leaves change, the picturesque landscapes come to life, offering sights that remain etched in memory for a lifetime. This fall, we invite you to journey through these landscapes aboard two of our most popular train rides: the Hiwassee Loop and the Copperhill Special.

Let the rhythm of the tracks guide you on a 50-mile round trip through the stunning lower Hiwassee River gorge. Lasting approximately 3-1/2 hours, this ride promises unparalleled views, culminating at the famous “Hiwassee Loop”. Here, in a magnificent display of engineering, the tracks perform an elegant corkscrew dance, crossing over themselves as they wind up the mountain near Farner, Tennessee.

For those with a penchant for extended adventures, the Copperhill Special is your ticket to an immersive day-trip experience. Starting through the enchanting lower Hiwassee River Gorge, this 94-mile round trip takes you over the Hiwassee Loop and then further, to the intertwined cities of Copperhill, TN, and McCaysville, GA. After journeying through Turtletown and Ducktown, you’ll reach the historic mining town of Copperhill. Take a break, stretch your legs, and indulge in a leisurely lunch (on your own) during the 90-minute layover. With a 9:30 a.m. departure, expect to be back by around 5:45 p.m., filled with tales of your escapade.

The “Copperhill” route, for those curious, follows the same initial path as the “Loop” trips. But after gracefully navigating the river gorge and the spiral near Farner, it takes you on a more extended journey, showcasing the heart of Tennessee in all its autumnal glory.